Terms & Conditions


By paying the deposit or any amount of the invoice the hirer is also agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. A $200 deposit is required to secure the event time and date. The remaining amount must be paid to LUXXBOOTH at least 7 days before the event. For all last minute bookings (within 7 days) Full payment must be received at point of booking. In the event that full payment is not received under any of the aforementioned circumstances, LUXXBOOTH is entitled to cancel the booking and all deposits/part payments are non-refundable. A travel surcharge may apply to events further than 25kms from Melbourne CBD. A $50 per hour idle fee applies for time that the photobooth is idle any time prior to 1 hour before agreed rental period commences . By hiring LUXXBOOTH, the hirer agrees that any damages caused by any hirer/guest at the event to any of the props and equipment will incur a charge. By hiring LUXXBOOTH, the hirer agrees that any props/equipment that is removed/stolen by any hirer/guest at the event will incur a charge. Package Prices may be subject to change please check before booking for current prices.


All deposits and part payments are non refundable. Changes to the time and date of the event must be specified at least 30 days before booking and are subject to availability. In the event of change of time and date, deposits that have been paid will be held until a new agreed time and date can be set, and if a new time and date cannot be set deposits and part payments will be withheld/non refundable. LUXXBOOTH is not responsible for unforeseen delays at the specified venue.


LUXXBOOTH will not sell/disclose any of your details to any third party and will take reasonable measures to ensure that your details remain confidential.


A parking spot must be made available near the venue and if any parking fees apply these must be paid for by the hirer.

Hiring and service requirements

The rental period for the photo booth service begins at the time agreed upon by LUXXBOOTH and the hirer. Setting up of equipment will commence approximately one hour prior to rental period, packing up will begin at the exact time in which the agreed rental period ends. Setting up and packing up is done at LUXXBOOTH'S own expense. As mentioned above, an idle fee of $50 per hour if the hirer would like LUXXBOOTH to set up prior to 1 hour before the rental period. An elevator must be available if the event is above ground floor. Hirer agrees to have 3x3 meters of space available for the equipment to be set up. Space must be undercover if outdoors.

Use of images

By hiring LUXXBOOTH services, LUXXBOOTH is permitted to use photos for social media/website unless stated otherwise by the hirer. LUXXBOOTH agrees that reasonably Inappropriate/defaming photos will not be used on social media/website. Images of any person/s at the event of the hirer can be removed from LUXXBOOTH'S social media/ website at any time with a written request from the hirer.


LUXXBOOTH'S equipment require a power source to be available at the venue and will not be held accountable for any power outages that may occur at the venue. The rental period will not pause in the event of any power outages and refunds will not be made.

Adult supervision of children

All children under the age of 12 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult when using any of LUXXBOOTHâ„¢s equipment. The hirer agrees that any damages caused to props/equipment and/or props/equipment removed by any children at the event will incur a charge.

Termination of service

LUXXBOOTH may decide to terminate service/usage at any time during the rental period if:

  • Guests/hirers at the event are aggressive toward LUXXBOOTH staff or make staff feel uncomfortable
  • Guests/hirers cause any intentional damage to any of LUXXBOOTH's equipment at the event
  • Guests/hirers cause any unintentional damage to any of LUXXBOOTH's equipment at the event due to intoxication
  • Guests/hirers ignore rules enforced by LUXXBOOTH staff at the event mainly in regards to keeping a safe proximity from equipment

In the event of termination of service/usage, LUXXBOOTH staff will pack up all equipment and leave the event and all payments that have been made will be non-refundable.

Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be agreed to in writing by LUXXBOOTH.